Celebrating 10 Years of Innovation: Innovuze Solutions, Inc.'s Amazing 10th Anniversary Team-Building Event

Jun 10, 2023

By Rob Gunayan

Innovuze Solutions, Inc., a leading technology company in Cagayan de Oro City, recently marked a significant milestone in its history—the celebration of its 10th anniversary. As part of the festivities, the company organized a memorable team-building activity held at Word of Life Seaside last June 10, 2023. The event was designed to foster unity, enhance teamwork, and create lasting memories for all the employees.

A Day of Fun and Excitement:

The team-building activity began with an enthusiastic registration process, where each employee received a special 10th-anniversary T-shirt to wear throughout the event. The ambiance was filled with anticipation as the General Manager, Mr. Lionel Amarado, delivered a heartfelt welcome message, reflecting on the incredible journey of Innovuze Solutions over the past decade—a testament to innovation and growth.

Getting to Know Each Other:

To break the ice and strengthen connections within the team, an orientation and session were conducted by the Word of Life. Since many employees now work remotely, it was essential to take the time to introduce and familiarize everyone, especially the new members. The "Getting to Know You" (GTKY) session proved to be a wonderful opportunity for bonding and creating a supportive work environment.

Unleashing the Spirit of Unity and Teamwork:

The highlight of the day was the series of team-building games, all aimed at motivating employees to collaborate and develop essential teamwork competencies. The theme of unity and teamwork resonated throughout the event, setting the stage for a day filled with excitement and camaraderie.

One of the standout activities was the Cheer or Chanting competition, where each team showcased their creativity and enthusiasm through lively performances. The energy in the air was contagious, uplifting the spirits of all participants.

The Games that Strengthened Bonds:

The team-building games kicked off with "Guesstures," where a player from each team had to act out four randomly chosen words, challenging their teammates to guess correctly within a limited timeframe. Laughter and cheers filled the venue as each team showcased their coordination and quick thinking.

Between activities, the excitement escalated with raffle draws that awarded cash prizes and various items. The grand prizes included seven computer monitors, adding an extra element of thrill and anticipation to the event.

Lunch and Reflections:

During the lunch break, the company treated everyone to a delectable feast featuring two succulent lechons, prepared exclusively for the occasion. Word of Life provided a delightful food buffet, satisfying the hunger and fueling the participants for the remaining activities.

To commemorate the company's journey, the Team Building Committee prepared a heartwarming video presentation, taking everyone on a nostalgic trip through the years. Laughter and sentimentality intertwined as employees witnessed their younger selves and celebrated the growth of Innovuze Solutions Inc.

Challenges in the Face of Nature:

As the afternoon session resumed, the participants faced the ultimate test of strength and teamwork—the Big Ball Volleyball Challenge. Despite the sudden rain and gusts of wind, the teams regrouped and adapted to the changing conditions. Determination and resilience prevailed, showcasing the power of unity and collaboration.

The Synchronize Walk followed, demanding precise timing, coordination, and teamwork. The participants synchronized their steps, creating an impressive display of unity and harmony, further reinforcing the bonds forged throughout the day.

The finale came with the Message Relay, where teams conveyed messages through a series of coordinated actions. The challenge required clear communication and understanding, sparking excitement and generating a sense of accomplishment as each team successfully completed their tasks.

Celebrating the Champions:

As the event drew to a close, the winners were announced, and Team 1 emerged as the overall champion. Team 2 secured the first runner-up position, while Team 3 and Team 4 took second and third runner-up respectively. The grand champions received a cash prize of 8,000 pesos and an exciting outing package at the scenic D'Cabin A-Frame House in El Salvador, Misamis Oriental.

Innovuze Solutions, Inc.'s 10th-anniversary team-building activity at Word of Life Seaside will forever be etched in the memories of its employees. The event successfully fostered unity, camaraderie, and teamwork while celebrating the company's remarkable journey over the past decade. As Innovuze Solutions looks forward to a future filled with continued innovation and success, the bonds formed during this special occasion will undoubtedly serve as a solid foundation for a brighter tomorrow.