Engineering Micro Team Building 2022

Jul 30, 2022

By Iris Eballe

Engineering Micro Team Building 2022
Engineering Micro Team Building 2022

As the pandemic swept the world, most workers experienced WFH set-up. Google Meet, Zoom, Discord, etc. became our only mode of communication. However, in building camaraderie nothing beats face-to-face interaction. So to break this norm, the engineering team organized a day of socializing with fellow engineers.

On July 30, 2022, the team gathered at Maravilla Beach Resort located in Zone 2, Taboc, Opol, Misamis Oriental for an afternoon of bonding with fellow engineers, especially the newly hired ones.

To start the program, our very own Associate Vice President and Operations Manager, Mr. Franklin Rey Pacquiao, gave welcome remarks to everyone. One custom in ISI is the GTKY or Getting To Know You which should be done by the newest addition to the team. However, to break the ice everyone introduced themselves, and mentioned their likes, their habits, and their position in the company.

Since call time is lunchtime, everyone ate first to fuel their body for the upcoming games and activities.

After the Quiz Ball, the fun continued as the game Amazing Race started. The first game was to communicate using Morse Code. Every member of the team was 20 meters away from each other, the first member got the phrase from the administrator and the last member decrypted the message. The game brought fun as well as challenges to the participants as they struggled to communicate using Morse Code.

The second game was ‘Eat-All-You-Can’. Every participant needed to eat chili, durian, raw egg, and raisin. Of course, not everyone can eat those. So to win, the participants encouraged each other and learned to compromise.

All participants were happy as everyone received a prize.

After the Amazing Race, the fun continued as one member brought his board games. Everyone participated in this game of Avalon and since the majority were not familiar with the game, it brought laughter to everyone.

The micro team building ended and what’s left are these photos and the memories engraved in each memory of the participants. The program started with an awkward silence but it ended with lots of laughter. Laughter brings a relationship closer as it is said to be the closest distance between two people. So we can say that because of this event, fellow engineers are no longer just workmates but friends at work.