Admin-DITS Mini Team Building

May 30, 2022

By L. Jong

Participants of Innovuze Admin and DITS Team Building

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY - As the threat of pandemic loomed during the past years, the team members from the Admin and DITS were at the front lines as they attended the needs of those who are working at home and also those working at the office. With all the challenges along the way, both teams really deserve some break to unwind, recharge, and to strengthen the teamwork among themselves. At last, on May 14, 2022, at Sinulom Waterfalls and Spring Resort located in Tinapoloan, Cagayan de Oro, Misamis Oriental, the whole team joined together to spend the whole day of fun, food, leisure, and activities for their Mini Team Building. The venue is a spacious waterfalls and river resort where you may have to go through a trek from Tinapoloan proper before reaching the Pascual property where the waterfalls and river calmly reside right in the middle of nature's bosom. The resort has infinity swimming pools, view decks, a restaurant, cottages, and a camping area, shower and restrooms, among other amenities of a full pledged resort.

Sinulom waterfalls and spring resort

Upon reaching the venue, everyone was so curious and delighted about the place that they immediately took their time exploring the area taking selfies and photos while waiting for the activities to start. It was definitely a time for bonding, not just a company activity but at the same time a “barkadahan” getaway for the Admin and DITS team.

Innovuze Admin and DITS Team Building 2022

The Games

The group dynamics and games played are both to enhance teamwork and at the same time to observe behavioral patterns, problem-solving, and to become more innovative and productive by identifying each team’s and its member's strengths and weaknesses.

The first game started to be the battle between attentiveness, focus, and discipline with the Hep-hep Hooray game! Seems a very challenging and fun battle for individuals. It was then a battle of communication and comprehension skills as the team competed in a Charades game. The next game turned out to be a battle of speed and agility. Being alert to instructions and quick reflexes are indeed an advantage as representatives from each team face each other in the Head-Shoulders-Knees-Cup game. Lastly, team coordination, proper timing, and efficiency of each team were tested with a Flour Relay game. Yep, with just one mistake in transferring the flour to the next teammate with a paper plate will definitely affect the team’s overall output! Doing it either too fast or too slow can indeed spell failure for the team. Well, we all know that games have winners, so better luck to the other team! Nevertheless, at the end of the games, which team won didn’t matter anymore as what’s important is the essence of teamwork and the values they have learned in the process. Besides, everyone brought a prize with the special Bring Me Game for everyone after all the team games.

Game activities with the Team


Food is essential for any Innovuze Team Building event! Of course, everyone needs energy because of the activities and the games. Well, we have it all with the dishes, including the much anticipated lechon and a famous ube cake, among other Pinoy food to be shared by everyone. After the satisfying meal, everyone took their time to take a dip in the infinity pool and explore the spring and views of the resort.

Is it crispy enough, Ma’am Tina?

And as everybody wrapped up and was done enjoying their time with friends and the beauty of nature around them, it was a moment of the year for the Admin and DITS team to become closer with one another and it was indeed a great day of fellowship and gratefulness to each other. Until next time!

Bye-bye for now! Drone shot with the team as the event concludes