Innovuze @ 9

May 21, 2022

By Danica N. Pacana & John Dave J. Gitalan

2022-05-21 Innovuze Anniversary & Team Building Activity
Theme: Hippie Boho Chic
Venue: Don Arc White Beach Resort, Initao

Assembly and Registration

“Your vibe attracts your tribe”, as the sun set up on the 21st day of May 2022, the Innovuze community started gathering at Don Arc White Beach Resort located in Initao, Misamis Oriental to celebrate their 9th year Anniversary as a company. They cluster together showcasing their attire on the theme Hippie Boho Chic. During the registration, the employees, both working from home and working onsite, reunited after 2 years of pandemic. They got the chance to chit chat and catch up with their colleagues and friends while eating ice cream in a hot summer breeze and taking selfies around the wonderful panoramic view of the beach and establishments around.

Opening Ceremonies

The opening ceremony commenced with an opening prayer and was hosted by the most energetic, bubbly, and gorgeous Masters of Ceremony, Mr. Neil Espera and Ms. Revemar Grace Surigao. Everybody was so excited with their first activity, the early bird raffle, thanks to the unstinting and generosity of the Innovuze company.

The community of the Innovuze sat beside their respective teams, namely: Hip Hip Hooray, TooHippie, Kokomo, Hippie Go Lucky, and Harmony Fern. What a groovy team names chosen by each team!

ISI Individual Team Picture

And before the exciting part of the event, the team had their group picture showcasing their Hippie boho attire.

The Innovuze Family
The Innovuze Family

Opening Remarks

“The most beautiful people wear their hearts on their sleeves and their souls in their smiles”, with this wonderful quote set, Mr. Lionel Amarado, the thoughtful and kind President of Innovuze Solutions, Inc., shows his smile at the event and embraces the community of Innovuze with his sleeves, giving a wonderful and inspiring speech - thanking each members of the Team Building Committee namely: Ms. Jerry Belle Ramos, Ms. Revemar Surigao, Ms. Danica Pacana, Ms. Xeres Kaye Levita, Ms. Jimilou Dal, Ms. Richie Eduave, Ms. Christine Purisima, Ms. Judy Ann Cadavez, Ms. Jenny Camille Jalagat, Mr. Kernel Sandi Catubig, Mr. Neil Espera, Mr. Arnold Gutib, & Mr. Jonathan Hamilton, for making the company’s first ever outdoor activity, after the pandemic, possible. Mr. Lionel continued his opening remarks by retelling how the company started and the continuing growth of the Innovuze family.

Mr. Lionel on his opening remarks
Mr. Lionel on his opening remarks
The Team Building Committee
The Team Building Committee

Mr. Lionel also showed the pie chart of the Total Pledged Amounts from the Innovuze Employees for its Community Support Incentives, a company initiative activity wherein the whole Innovuze employees can share a portion, if not all of their incentives to donate to the following non-profit organizations recommended by the employees: BUDA Health Care Center, Calabrian Children's Foundation, CDO Animal Rescue Org, House of Hope, House of Joy Foundation, JR Borja General Hospital, Lavender Pen: One Child, One Piece, Magnum Operation Tabang, Northern Mindanao Medical Center, Philippine Red Cross, Potter's Wheel Fellowship, Soriano Philippine Community Health Foundation - ICS Foundation Medical Mission.

Recipients of Community Support Incentives
Recipients of Community Support Incentives of Innovuze Solutions, Inc.

After showing the Total Pledged Amounts for the Community Support Incentives, Mr. Lionel also facilitated the Get-To-Know-You (GTKY) for the new faces of the Innovuze family.

The Newest #Innobabies of Innovuze Family
The Newest #Innobabies of Innovuze Family

Chanting Competition

Cheers, jingles, chants, or maybe even warcry from all the teams were set aloud in the venue for the pride of their team name.

Team Hip Hip Hooray
Team Hip Hip Hooray, they go rock it all the way!
Team TooHippie
Team TooHippie, look! They are indeed TooHippie! :D
Team Kokomo
Team Kokomo, chanting and dancing altogether!
Team Hippie Go Lucky
Team Hippie Go Lucky, there they go lucky!
Team Harmony Fern
Team Harmony Fern, what a harmonious chant!

Outdoor Games

As the event went on and the Innovuze community wanted to be wild and free just like the sea, the team emerged for the outdoor game activity set at the shore of Don Arc White Beach Resort. All teams brought their ‘A’ games, got in the zone, and prepared their teamwork skills to compete to reach 1st place in the event.

Game 1 - Gold Mine

‘twas a game that enhances communication skills between the members of the playing group and instills confidence and trust between them. It also improves problem-solving and wise-planning skills for the team. In this game, the members of the group collect as many coins as possible, by passing the dangerous gold mine while blind folded, relying on the help of the other group members as guides.

Game 1 - Gold Mine

Game 2 - Balloon Caterpillar

A game that tests the dependability of the team members, as they struggle to cross the finish line while keeping the maximum number of balloons intact. Coordination, trust, and team effort come into play even as team members get to know each other.

Game 2 - Balloon Caterpillar

Game 3 - Rug & Balls

A key characteristic of this game is the number of real-life applications it provides; these relate to improving teamwork, planning and communication skills for team members of all ages. Rug and balls involve the team attempting to drop the colored balls into the corresponding holes. This game provides an exciting, interactive experience for all participants.

Game 4 - Lava Walk

The Team has come across a lava river! YES! A RIVER along the seashore :D and the only way to survive is to cross the dangerous hot lava area to safety. Balance on one foot or waddle like a penguin, but be careful - the area is full of lava! The learning outcomes suggested in this game are as follows: Communication, Cooperation, Leadership, and Problem Solving.

Lunch Time!

Since the outdoor game was quite supreme, everyone was excited to dig in their foods for lunch. The company served a crispy lechon and a buffet of foods with mango tapioca for dessert!

Lunch Time
Lunch Time
Lunch Time

Indoor Games

After a bountiful meal, indoor games were set to rekindle the fun and excitement of the whole Innovuze Team. There were group games and individual games prepared by the committee.

Quiz Game & GTKY Game (Who’s that Pokemon & Mention me a Person)

The quizzes consist of questions carefully designed to help one Get-To-Know more of the Innovuze Family and a bit of fun facts!!! Look how enthusiastic the faces of the Innovuze Fam are!!!

Quiz Game

Indoor game: Quiz


The Team had plenty of fun activities, there were also raffle prizes which made everyone extremely excited. Everybody was thrilled when the Masters of Ceremony drew lots from the magical bowl which contains the names of the Innovuze employees and as the prizes of the raffle were announced. Drawing lots one by one, made everyone stir with fun. Some won the major prizes while others won minor ones, but nevertheless, everyone was happy as all who attended the event received something in the raffle prizes. In other words, no one gets to go home empty handed!!! What a marvelous event, isn't it?

Raffle Time

Raffle Time

The Best in Hippie Boho Chic Outfit

The attendees wore their Hippie Boho Chic outfits. Come and take a peek at the amazing chic captured in the pic :) Each attendee voted for the best outfit during the event and without further ado, the Masters of Ceremony announced the winners for the best Hippie Boho Chic outfit! Are you excited to meet them with their rig? Come and check this out!

Hippie Boho Chic Outfit

Best in Outfit

Best in Outfit goes to Mr. Jason Javier and Ms. Jermay Noja

The Innobabies’ Presentation

Before the event came to an end, the most awaited performance of the new members of the family was set. The #Innobabies prepared a dance number and showcased their talents through their great dance moves, but the viewers were shocked when one of the performers exhibited his fire dancing skills. What a terrific performance!

Closing ceremony

Finally, all the activities were concluded with the closing remarks by their very own Human Resource Manager, Ms. Lorelie Jong & the Team Building Committee Head, Ms. Jerry Belle Ramos. Everyone got to bond with each other and had a great and memorable time together!

It was a #Hippie9yearsInnovuze indeed!
It was a #Hippie9yearsInnovuze indeed!

Free Time

Just go, go and see all the beauty in the world! As the sun went down, and also after the closing remarks, everyone roamed freely around the shore of Don Arc White Beach Resort. The community of the Innovuze watched together the tiny waves on the big blue ocean, rode a banana boat like there was no tomorrow, swam and floated through a calm stream of ocean waves, taking selfies on the wonderful scenery of the touched white sands that covered the floor through the distant horizon on the shore of the beach. Each one was fully satisfied and mesmerized! It was a #Hippie9yearsInnovuze indeed!