Innovuze OJT: "Nothing Beats Experience"

Mar 04, 2020

By K.L. Abao

Mr. Karl Louie Abao, an On-the-Job-Trainee at Innovuze working on a computer hardware

GINGOOG CITY - Innovuze Solutions, Inc. contributes to student’s development by providing a glimpse of a real-world experience thru their On-the-Job-Training program. OJTs are allowed to perform actual work with the guidance of a mentor. They make the trainees involved in the normal work processes in an actual work-place setting.

It was my pleasure to have an astounding OJT experience at Innovuze. My hands-on work included:

  • Firewall and Server Configurations
  • Maintain and Upgrade Computer Systems
  • Using Git and GitHub
  • Computer Networking Training

My training allowed me to use existing work tools such as Google Sheets, Trello, and Slack which taught me to be more efficient. I learned different work hacks in my job, which made me ready for my job after graduation.

I was also oriented to various employment rules and terms which are very useful for my future engagements. I was also trained to follow company policies and learned the importance of confidentiality in handling various company details. The DITS Team provided me with different kinds of tasks and learning tutorials. It was challenging but I enjoyed it. Indeed, there’s a lot to learn in a new environment and sometimes doing it is easier than theoretical learning.

OJT trainee Karl Louie Abao at his workstation

Indisputably, my training equipped me with technical ideas, knowledge, skills, and familiarity to new updates and development.
Working isn’t only focused on regular duties and coping up with tasks. It also includes keeping values, celebrating cultures, and accomplishments they call it Work-Life Balance.

I am lucky enough to be part of the Innovuze Family Christmas Party 2019. The Christmas Party is the most common event when December comes. It’s the season of lights, carols, fireworks, parties, and gifts. It's the company's annual event to end the year and give convenient gifts to their employees.

The Christmas Party was held at Grand Caprice Hotel, Limketkai, Lapasan, Cagayan de Oro City participated by the employees along with their family and loved ones.

Karl Louie Abao together with Innovuze employees at the 2019 Innovuze Christmas Party

The first game was Singing Bee. Its mechanics are the same as the famous Philippine Game Show - The Singing Bee. Participants of the game were picked in the random manner to present the group. Everyone sings along with the participants as the game goes on. The game totally made my heart jump especially when I joined the contest; feeling excited of what song may appear, and then I slowly heard the tune and the rhythm of the song and realized it was one of my favorite songs in high school, which made me the winner of the first set but in the next set of songs; it was alien to me. And yet, it was the best experience for me with the professionals and being confident with the environment is the key for socialization. The event gave me goosebumps and excitement to see myself becoming like them - an employee in the future.

The setting, the games, the people, the food and the event, in general amazed me. It was almost the perfect Christmas Party I ever attended; ending the year with a memorable and adorable experience is such a blessing from above.

Competence isn’t built in technical abilities alone but also in mental and physical readiness. Innovuze also supports employee sports to enhance camaraderie and teamwork.

I played with the firm’s employees during their regular sport schedules. Personally, I can consider it an extra experience because It keeps me physically fit, mentally ready and socially active. Innovuze definitely encourages work-life balance by sponsoring various games.

The OJT trainee together with Innovuze employees and friends in a basketball game

Before each basketball game; all players participate in a rock-paper-scissors game to segregate the players into teams . Team A for the winner and Team B for the loser. Then a referee will be decided to officiate the game and make basketball decisions and call out violations. We also assign a team to record the stats based on our performance - the committee.

During the Game, most of the players feel calm and chill, playing with no hustle, making it easy to make a basket, rebound, a steal, etc. only when the target score is near a change is mood is suddenly unleashed putting all their might to the game. Almost everyone becomes more aggressive, focused and competitive.

To sum up my On-the-Job training at Innovuze Solutions, Inc.; it was an incomparable journey. The learning, the guidance, the social activities, the hands-on tasks, and the people; have truly taught me a lot making my cup full.

Mr. Karl Louie Abao during the 2019 Innovuze Christmas Party

I learned through experience on how to interact and communicate with people and developed a habit of evaluating and knowing how to deal with different matters in a diplomatic way. Nothing can really beat the experience. I am now excited to face the real world, being job-ready, capable, and inspired with the passion and path I took. I now have a more positive outlook in life, with a willingness to take risks and to embrace opportunities.

This article was originally written by Mr. Karl Louie Abao, an OJT at Innovuze Solutions, Inc. from Christ the King College, Gingoog City.