Innovuze at UXPH National Roadshow

Nov 19, 2019

By J. Castro

The participants of the UXPH National Roadshow 2019 in Davao

The Creatives/Design Team of Innovuze Solutions Inc. joined the Mindanao leg of the UXPH National Roadshow 2019 held at the Ateneo de Davao University on September 28, 2019, with the theme of “Cultivating Design Cultures." Along with the Design Team is their Technical Project Manager as well.

User Experience Philippines (UXPH) is a non-profit organization that holds the largest group of individuals that are into user experience and other related forms of design such as visual design, industrial design, and user interface design. They held their first-ever National Roadshow in the country, which was held in Manila, Cebu, and Davao. People who are into building applications in the tech and non-tech businesses were also expected in their events, as they can get practical insights from the speakers.

The Design Team and their Technical Project Manager at UXPH event in Davao

The Team with their swags at the UXPH event in Ateneo de Davao

The event in Davao was filled with insightful talks from four keynote speakers. The first speaker was Mica Diaz de Rivera the Head of Operations at Make Technology Inc., where he talked about "UX For Designers, Developers, and Anyone in Between: How experience design is useful for everyone."

The next speaker, Nico Encarnacion the UX Manager at Make Technology Inc, then talked about UX Management. He shared the experiences that he and his team have encountered while working at their company.

Ondrej Machart, a Product and Design Manager from Home Credit Philippines, was the third speaker who took the stage and talked about "Your UX Mission: Undercover, Unleashed." He discussed that “design can change the game if it’s driven by empathy”.

The last speaker, Ely Apao the Customer Experience Manager at JG Summit Holdings, Inc. and Co-founder of UXPH ended the morning talk by sharing about "Designing your Career and forming Design Teams." He discussed the skills that are needed by the UX designers and he recommended to learn the Feynman Method.

One of the workshops during the UXPH National Roadshow in Davao

In the afternoon, seminars happened simultaneously and had the participants break into 5 to attend the workshops. The workshops were UX 101, Figma 101, Building a UX career Matrix for students, and a Design Competition hosted by OneRent.

The event ended with the speakers and facilitators receiving their CollaboX Speaker Tokens. Some lucky winners were awarded giveaways from the sponsors including Symph, HomeCredit, and OneRent. However, being able to learn from resource speakers and workshop facilitators on UX Design from around the country makes all the participants winners in their own right.

Awarding of wild card prizes at the UXPH event in Davao

Awarding ceremony for the speakers and facilitators of the UXPH National Roadshow in Davao