Mini Team Building at Sicolon Cove

Nov 18, 2019

By The SEO Team

Mini Team Building participants before having their lunch at Sicolon Cove Resort

Going out of the office and doing activities together with your teammates can help break down personal barriers, allow you to get to know them better, let you escape from routine activities and distractions of technology, and most of all, simply have fun with them! Team Building and other out-of-office activities are just some of the things we make sure everyone has a chance to experience every year or even every quarter as much as possible.

This year, aside from the usual Team Building events attended by all the staff, the company decided to let each team organize their own event or collaborate with other teams to have their own “Mini Team Building” event. The main goal is that each team or group of teams can perform activities together that will enable them to learn skills that will help them overcome challenges or accomplish milestones that are more specific to them.

Last October 19, 2019, the Creatives Team, SEO Team and one of our Web Development teams held their Mini Team Building event together at Sicolon Cove Resort in Laguindingan, Misamis Oriental. It is notably the very first company-supported Mini Team Building event organized by employees of Innovuze Solutions, Inc.

Sicolon Cove Resort at Laguindingan, Misamis Oriental

Sicolon Cove Resort is a newly constructed beach resort in Laguindingan. They are still on soft opening during the event but they already have the over-the-water cottages which some blogs have compared with the water villas in Maldives. The whole place is so serene and not yet crowded, so it was a perfect choice to really relax with nature and enjoy the beach. It gave the participants a time to disconnect for a while from the hustle and bustle of city life and simply just have fun and learn while doing the activities. The place and the activities during the day encouraged them to show their skills and talents, and to perform their best as team players.

Participants having their Human Centipede Race

The Mini Team Building’s objective was "To know and develop team strengths and weaknesses and create team camaraderie”. The group divided themselves into two teams to compete against each other and proceeded with the activities that aimed to achieve the goals set forth.

The first activity was the “Blindfold Game”. Blindfolded participants must rely on their partners to navigate an "assault course" successfully. The objective of this game is to improve communication and listening skills, and to build trust between partners. Team 2 successfully finished the game against Team 1. Some members of the winning team were able to communicate effectively with each other, while the rest of their members helped distract the opposing team which resulted in miscommunication on the losing team.

Two teams compete in a Blindfold Game

What they've learned through this activity was that communication is very important in every activity or task, especially when it comes to group or team activities. Good listening skills and trusting your teammates’ capabilities are the foundation of achieving the team’s goals.

The second activity was “The Human Centipede Race”. The objective of this activity is to promote team coordination and trust.

Once again, Team 2 performed the activity well and won the race. It really takes a lot of coordination and trust with your team member’s capabilities to reach the goal. No matter what the obstacles are, as long as team members are focused, well-coordinated, and trusting with each other's strengths, the team will have a good chance to succeed and finish the race.

Two teams compete in the Human Centipede Race

With the games they played, both teams learned that communication, not just through speaking but also by listening, is crucial to avoid major problems with the responsibilities assigned to them. Both teams are physically fit and can perfectly perform the activities but the team with better coordination, cooperation, and determination succeeded in the end.

The Mini Team Building participants strike a pose

The whole Mini Team Building activity not only taught each of the team members to be competitive but it also helped them form mutual trust and friendship. They also learned more about other team members’ talents and skills, and how they relate with one another. Of course, with the picturesque views of the sand, the sea, and the setting sun, they didn’t forget to take pictures as well with the smiles on their faces.

Some of the Mini Team Building participants at Sicolon Cove