Innovuze Goes to Blu Sands Resort

Sep 24, 2017

By Kevin Angelo M.

Blu Sands Resort at Initao, Misamis Oriental

The beach at Blu Sands Resort at Initao, Misamis Oriental

It was a very sunny day - a perfect time to spend the 3rd Quarter Team Building of Innovuze Solutions Inc. (ISI) for the year 2017, held last September 23. You can sense the excitement and hear joyful cheers as the stage is set on this beautiful place of Blu Sands Resort Inc. at Initao, Misamis Oriental.

The venue was majestic with its white sandy beach and an inviting clear swimming pool. There were a lot of cottages and trees providing shade from the sun. Anyone with the ups for fun in the water and heat of sun can truly enjoy this outdoor escapade. The place was serene and wasn't crowded when we arrived in the morning that day, but it won't be long until this atmosphere changes when the different teams participate and cheer for the games.

Red Team performing their Team Chant

Red Team performing their Team Chant

The Day's Events

The group was divided into four teams, namely the Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow teams. The day started with a team chant competition which definitely boosted the morale of the team members joining the activities that day.

Green Team forming a Human Pyramid

Green Team forming a Human Pyramid

The day was filled with various activities such as the Human Knot, Drawing Relay, 4-Way Tug-of-War, Human Pyramid, and many more physical and team activities. One of the games that turned to be fun yet challenging and tricky was the “Kasya! Kaya!” game which was inspired by a noontime show segment. The activities showcased the camaraderie and competitiveness of the teams as they strive to win. At the end of each activity, a processing session of what transpired was handled by Ms. Christina Chee, our team building facilitator at that time.

Blue Team with their choreographed Team Chant

Blue Team showing their talent in their Team Chant

In the end, one team emerged as the over-all winner - a big congratulations to the Yellow team for doing a great job and excelling in most of the activities!

Yellow Team performing their Team Chant

Yellow Team performing their Team Chant

Building the Bonds

In any kind of event, you can never separate food in the picture. A very delicious buffet meal was prepared by the Team Building committee including everyone's favorite, "Lechon Baboy". During their free time in the afternoon, the employees were given time to relax and the enjoy the venue. Some took the chance to enjoy swimming in the pool or in the beach as their choice of relaxation.

Innovuze employees having fun in the Blu Sands Resort's swimming pool

Having fun in Blu Sands Resort's swimming pool

There were also those who grouped together and spent their time playing a card game called "Pandemic" where the players work cooperatively to save the world from a contagious and deadly disease.

Innovuze employees trying to save the world in a

Trying to save the world in a "Pandemic" card game

Aside from swimming and card games, there were also those who went singing with the rented videoke machine, which was also a relaxing thing to do with the fresh sea breeze.

Nevertheless, everyone got to mingle and build stronger bond with each other through these simple activities. It was indeed a successful event for the company.

As usual, a wacky group picture with everyone

Innovuze employees ending the day with a wacky group picture

Providing employees various activities to enhance their skills and strengthen bonds with their fellow co-workers, not only inside the office premises but also outside, has been part of Innovuze's work culture. It was another great quarter for the company, as one team continuing to reach our goals.