Ahoy, Mates! Innovuze goes to Seven Seas

Nov 19, 2018

By Kevin Angelo M.

seven seas innovuze highfive group photo

Celebrating our Fifth Year at Seven Seas Waterpark

To commemorate our 5th anniversary, why not celebrate our first Team Building for the year with a splash at the Philippines’ first world-class pirate theme waterpark, the Seven Seas Waterpark? Last May 26, 2018, the Innovuze family invaded the waterpark known for its pirate-themed attractions and slides for all ages! The famous waterpark is located at Brgy. Barra, Opol, Misamis Oriental, Philippines.

Upon entering the waterpark, we were greeted with nicely designed pirate-themed buildings and structures. At our function room within the park, we started the day with a general introduction of the safety guidelines for using the waterpark by Seven Seas’ Safety Officer. This part is very important, especially since some of the participants brought their family members, including small children that need supervision. Afterward, the video presentations prepared by each team were presented. Each team prepared a very unique video/spoof that can be related to “five”. This is in time with the company celebrating its 5th Anniversary. The videos were quite diverse in nature, some chose to present it through a love story; for others, thriller/horror is their choice of taste, and yet for some something musical.

But above everyone else, this entry by the Red Hair Pirates stood out among the audience at the event. It narrated a story that is loosely based on the 5 years of the company from its conception to the present. The group added a twist to their story by adding the mysterious presence of a five peso coin on each significant event that transpired over the years.

“Singko” short film presentation by Team Red Hair Pirates

Red Hair Pirates Team awarded with The Best Short Film Award by Lionel Amarado, ISI General Manager, and Franklin Pacquiao, Operations Manager

Of course, when it involves showcasing talents from the employees, we can’t let it pass not to acknowledge those who have shown sparks of stardom. Being on film is definitely not an easy task especially when you need to portray a role. It may either be a lead or just a supporting cast but everyone plays a vital part in making the film successful. We believe that everyone deserves to be acknowledged for their creativity and talent. But without bias, this event named two of our OJTs, Jumilan Dela Peña as the Best Actor and Glaze Jean Villanueva as Best Actress, respectively.

Awarding of the Best Actress and Best Actor

Innovuze OJT's performing the hit Bboom Bboom dance

Before the morning ended, there were at least 3 more activities that followed. First activity was a Team Message Relay race. The activity happened on the grounds of Seven Seas Park where pit stops are scattered all-over the place. Each pit stop gives a clue to the team on the overall message being relayed. Teams races to reach the last stop were they act out the word/message being passed on.

Blackbeard Pirates at the first pit stop of the Message Relay Race

The next activity seem to require the employees to do some light stretching. But on the contrary, the stretching was really unnecessary. The game was to make each player finish eating the slice bread while a string is attached to it, with the other end of the string attached to the player’s toe. It was quite challenging for some and at the same time fun. Almost all the teams manage to complete it at a very fast rate. Maybe it’s nice to try it again on another event.

Bread Eating Relay Game

The last activity for the morning was the infamous Flour Relay game. The teams were provided with face masks for protection from inhaling any flour which made the game quite challenging but fun. Each of teams are lined up in a straight line and flour is passed from the front person up to the back. The key was, the team with the largest amount of accumulated flour wins.

Flour Relay Team Competition

One of the awaited parts of an event... lunch!

In the afternoon, everyone had the chance to enjoy the thrilling and heart stopping rides at Seven Seas. The waterpark is famous for their thrilling slides like the Cyclone, Plank Drop, Cannonball, Cutlass, Pacific Racer, Riptide Racer and many more. For the faint at heart, beating the heat of the sun at the wave pools, frolicking at the aqua playhouse, and cruising on the river pool, all made it worthwhile and enjoyable to spend the day at the waterpark.

Jolly Roger Tower with its waterslides at Seven Seas Waterpark

The funnel-shaped Cyclone waterslide at Seven Seas Waterpark

Having a splash at the Pirates Caraibes aqua playhouse

Cruising at the Mighty Maui River

On the way to the Buccaneer Bay wave pools!

We thank the Seven Seas Waterpark staff and management for making our anniversary celebration exciting, fun, and safe. With a splash, we look back on our journey in building an IT company here in CDO and we are grateful to all those who have supported and had faith in us for the past 5 years. Happy 5th Anniversary Innovuze!

Ending the day with a group picture at Seven Seas Waterpark