ISI Annual Team Building 2024: 11 Years Strong, A Celebration of Camaraderie and Nostalgia

May 24, 2024

By Admin

In today's hybrid work era, team building is more crucial than ever. For Innovuze Solutions, Inc., a company that thrives on collaboration and innovation, the 11th-anniversary celebration was a perfect chance to gather the entire team in person. Innovuze Solutions, Inc. just threw one of the most epic team-building events to celebrate 11 years of awesomeness with a "Back to the 90s" theme last May 24, 2024. The day was packed with nostalgia, fun, and bonding moments.

On a quick look, Innovuze Solutions, Inc. started with a goal to change the tech world while making an impact on the community. From a small service-oriented startup, it has grown into a notable player in the industry. Big achievements include launching web apps, catering clients globally, and providing diverse tech services. Today, Innovuze has valuable long-time clients, a strong service-oriented business, innovative web apps, new clients from emerging markets, and diverse, talented teams driving its success. Moreover, the continued success of Innovuze enabled it to sustain its support to websites of local communities and non-profit organizations, such as the House of Joy Orphanage, Calabrian Children’s Foundation, and Buda Community Health Care Center.

The Anniversary event kicked off at 8:30 AM at Gateway Tower, with the team dressed in their best 90s gear. By 9:00 AM, the team was on the road to RB Angels Resort in Igpit, Opol. The entire resort complex was exclusively booked for the event for the entire day. Excitement built as they arrived at the resort, ready for a day of fun. Beach access was a hit considering it has an ample space for everyone! Below is a snapshot of some of the employees and guests having fun with the photobooth before the program started:

Snapshot of employees and guests enjoying the DIY Photo Booth

The day officially started at 10:00 AM with a hyped welcome from GM Lionel Amarado, followed by Jima Dal's fun "Getting to Know You" session for new hires. The games began at 10:40 AM, starting with a group photo. Everyone had a blast with the 90s Trivia, Team Chants, Retro Queen and King, Spaghetti and Marshmallow Tower, Volleyball, and a Scavenger Hunt.

The raffle draws were a big hit, making everyone excited. With prizes like kitchen appliances, vacation vouchers, cash, and gadgets, everyone was eager to win. Each time a winner was announced, cheers and applause filled the air. It added to the festive mood and brought the team closer together, celebrating their success and teamwork.

Followed by lunch at noon, it was perfect for recharging and snapping some Insta-worthy pics. There was lechon too—because who doesn't love lechon? High blood pressure? Worth it!

Employees enjoying the activity games and raffles

Post-lunch activities ran from 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM, with the third raffle offering cool prizes like portable speakers and blenders. More fun continued with another raffle featuring induction cookers and luggage.

The genuine smiles of employees with their raffle prizes

The final activity session wrapped up at 4:50 PM, leading to the grand raffle where top prizes like smartwatches and air fryers were won. The awarding ceremony celebrated everyone's efforts.

At 5:15 PM, Operations Manager Franklin Pacquiao closed the event with a heartfelt thanks. The official event ended at 5:30 PM. Since the venue has been booked for the entire day, the team members were able to hang out, take pictures, play games, and swim at the beach even after the event has already officially ended.

Shoutout to the teams – Siakol Butchi, Apo ni Astang Naghiking Society, Spongebob Cola, and Parokya Ni Emman – for bringing their A-game and showing the true spirit of Innovuze Solutions, Inc.

Big thanks to the incredible Admin and Team Building committees for making this day unforgettable!

The team-building event was a breather for the team who were focused on work collaboration and serving the needs of the clients. For some, especially those who just recently started and for those working remotely, meeting workmates face-to-face and in person for the first time has only strengthened the bond for even better collaboration. The personal connection they formed will boost their teamwork and productivity even more.

In conclusion, celebrating the 11th anniversary with a "Back to the 90s" theme was a total win. Everyone leaves with awesome memories, stronger bonds, and lots of laughs. Looking forward to the next event and smashing more goals together. Thanks to everyone who made this day epic!